Note to Employer
The minimum monthly wages for domestic helper is HKD$4,630. Contract is standardize for two years, There is no Trial or Probation period.

The employer must provide free accommodation and meals. And a minimum monthly meal allowance of HKD$1,125 have to pay the domestic helper in case of not providing meal.

Domestic helper can work at contractual address only.

Employer are compulsorily required to take out insurance policies to cover their full liabilities.

Domestic Helper entitle one rest day a week, and the employer may choose any day as the helper's rest day; Seven days of annual leave after completion for one year's service; and twelve days of labour holiday with salary after working for three month.

In case of termination, the employer have to give one month notice or one month's salary in stead of notice, return air ticket and traveling allowance of HKD$100 to the domestic helper.

The Great Possession Employment Agency holds the Employment Agencies Licenses issued by the Philippine Consulate and the Indonesian Consulate.

Employment Agencies License Number : 62873

Employment Agencies License Number issued by Consulate General Of The Republic Of Indonesia: 58725.109.VII.2021